Zettapetta Attack – Mass Site Infection / Site Attack For WordPress Users Hosted Mainly With BlueHost And GoDaddy 

It has come to my attention that during the last few days, as from 7 May 2010, there has been a mass attack to websites powered by wordpress. But most of those attacks came on to webmasters who were hosted by BlueHost and GoDaddy. Till, now there has been no clue as to what is the cause of the attack. Since some people even reported attacks to sites not powered by wordpress, it’s another confusion. But the security bodies, for instance Sucuri Security Labs, security officers at GoDaddy and wordpress security team, are all joining hands to unveil the mystery behing these attacks.

How To Know If Your Website/blog Is Affected?

  • Right-click on your browser and select view source. Make a search for the word zettapetta. If you find one, you are infected!
  • You cannot access your admin panel and/or Your website is redirected to: http://www1.firesavez5.com/?p=p52dcWpkbmmHjsbIo216h3de0KCf

Solutions If You are Affected

Please have a look at this official solution released by , entitled Simple cleanup solution for the latest WordPress hack.

Where To Find More In-Depth Information Regarding This Attack

You can either google for the term wordpress attack + Zettapetta, or here’s a collection I have gathered below:

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