7PHP Testimonials & What People Are Saying About 7PHP

What Are People Saying About 7PHP?


This page (will) feature “what people are saying” about 7PHP / Khayrattee.


Mark Baker on Twitter Said..


DragonBE on Twitter Said..


Jeremy Kendall on Twitter..


Cal Evans & DragonBE & Luke Stoke on Twitter..


Stefan aka Skoop on Twitter Said..


James Titcumb on Twitter..


Rafael Dohms on Twitter..


Michelle Sanver on Twitter..

Eric Hogue & Gary Hockin & Rob Allen on Twitter..

Cal Evans at Miami for SunshinePHP Conf tweeted LIVE at that time saying..

Mike Stowe on Twitter..

Phil Sturgeon on Twitter..


NomadPHP on Twitter..


Matthew Weier O’Phinney on Twitter..


Chris Hartjes on Twitter..


Me in the pic featured by a post on DigitalOcean by Erika Heidi