Changelog for 7PHP Website


Years in the past, around 2015ish (see below year history), 7PHP was given a sponsor for hosting by Pantheon. But at that time I was having a lot of traffic and the small basic plan of Pantheon was most of the time giving me out-of-quota.

I had to move away from Pantheon. But Start of 2021, I received an email from Pantheon saying that my sponsored plan has been given a notch and I was now on the Performance (small) plan – which comes at an astonishing $160/month.

It would be ridiculous to not make good use of that awesome plan now and hence migrating 7PHP back onto Pantheon.

2020.06.01 | 7phpv4

  • THEME: Changed theme to 7php v4. Theme inspired and forked from Sanse Theme from the very fine and awesome Sami Keijonen
  • SERVER: As of this date, 7PHP now runs on UBUNTU 20.04, PHP 7.4.6, NGINX 1.18, APACHE 2.4.43, REDIS 6.0.x, PERCONA 8.x (Provisioning + deployment now fully automated using Ansible) {server is self-hosted + managed + sponsored by Khayrattee}
  • REMOVED: I am no more using Click-to-tweet


  • Changed from static files back to WordPress. (it is not felxible at all to go static, not manageable, lesson learned)
  • Re-coded the previous static themes into our own wordpress child theme

2017.06.25 | 7PHP v3

See the v3 on here – click

  • Changed the platform that powers 7PHP, from wordpress self-hosted to Static files using Jekyllrb.
  • Priority given on optimizing for reader experience, cutting off all bandwidth eaters, let’s move towards minimalism.
  • All my posts and content are henceforth written in Markdown, no more the tedious HTML stuffs to style bits and pieces of the content.
  • Bought a jekyll theme & tweaked it up to suit my needs | $ 20 investment
  • Spent 3 weeks (1.5hrs on average per day) getting the new site up with 8
    posts + 14 pages + custom tags pages (2 variations) + custom category
    page (2 variations) + custom home page + customise the blog post further
    + a custom error page
  • TODO: Need to retrieve all OLD posts (100s of them) from the old site to the new gradually
  • Now using Cloudflare with full SSL to Origin
  • Custom Server hardening to rank A+ with SSL-Labs test (including mastering of HPKP)
  • 7PHP now serves through https
  • Stopped being hosted freely by as we’ll now need more flexibility at the server level.
  • Server powered by a currently secret project – the brand new experiment from Khayrattee to help him hopefully raise some funds to boost his online activities AND most importantly to attend conferences world-wide, let’s do this, YES!!! (it’s not yet ready to be announced to #phpc)
  • Bought subscription with | a $49.95/yr investment (worth it as it provides so many insights & flexibility in even modifying the tweet in the future)


  • Moving webhosting over to who will be our Sponsor
  • Bought premium wp plugin to extend language to bilingual | a $79/yr investment


  • The new neat & pro 7PHP logo designed exclusively by The Vincent Pontier who’s the original creator of the PHP mascot, a.k.a the elePHPant.

2013.05.16 | 7PHP v2

See the v2 on here – click

  • Invested in buying a premium wordpress theme from Studiopress (genesis) | an $99.95 investment
  • Purchased 2yrs webspace with Digitalocean on a $5/month plan

2010.01.01 | 7PHP v1

See the v1 on here – click

  • Started 7PHP with a wordpress self-hosted
  • Designed our own theme from scratch
  • bought hosting space with Linode (after seeing the disadvantages of shared-hosting and getting myself into the awesome world of linux)

2008 (that time when you bought the domain and really did not planned anything except amazed at having the exact name I wanted)

  • Used shared hosting for a long while & experimented a lot with wordpress.