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  1. 7PHP Have Been Bitcoinized By Michelangelo :: My First Bitcoin Experience & My First Bitcoins From Michelangelo – The Green Ninja Turtle With A PHP Black Belt!
  2. 7PHP Has Been Blessed Today By The ‘PHPather Spirituel’ aka Elroubio
  3. Look The Green Zend elePHPant Is In Mauritius With 7PHP
  4. The In and Outs Of The Famous HTML5 Switch
  5. Should The RFC Be Adopted, A Huge win It Will Be For PHP
  6. 2010 Open Source Awards – WordPress Tops The Hall Of Fame!
  7. Happy 15th Birthday PHP
  8. Do You Think Your Phone Numbers On FaceBook Are Private? Think Again!
  9. FaceBook To Address Your Privacy Concerns In The Incoming Weeks
  10. FaceBook CEO Admits Mistakes And Wants To Rectify Them
  11. Another Facebook Privacy Loophole Issue – Facebook’s Privacy Policy A Joke?
  12. Malware Attack On Facebook Could Be Triggered By Beach Babes Video
  13. Greylock Partners And Zend Investors Fund Zend Technologies With $9 million
  14. Analysis Of The Holasionweb And Zettapetta Malware At GoDaddy
  15. holasionweb Aka Zettapetta v2 – And The Saga Of Mass Infection For PHP Based Systems Continues At GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting [Code Name MW:MROBH:1]
  16. Did You Read Twitter Was Hacked? It Was More Likely A Twitter Hack To Prevent Mike Melanson From Accepting Jesus !
  17. Twitter Has Been Hacked! Twitter’s Force Follow Bug And Count Reset Were Just Excuses?
  18. Twitter ‘Force Follow’ Bug, Forced Twitter For Resetting Followers/Following Counts To Zero?
  19. Zettapetta Attack – Mass Site Infection / Site Attack For WordPress Users Hosted Mainly With BlueHost And GoDaddy
  20. Are You Paying That Guy Enough To Do A Job For You? If No, Do Yourself A Favor To Understand This Key Concept!
  21. Facebook Has Been 7PHPed – Facebook The First Social Media To..
  22. Chrome Has Been 7PHPed – Chrome The First Browser To Include Native Flash Support
  23. How To Quote Tweets – Twitter Answers Your Quote-It Needs With Blackbird Pie, The New Baking Tool!
  24. Do You Want To Quote Tweets Just Like Embedding A YouTube Video?
  25. Videos Of WordPress Talks And Interview Of Matt Mullenweg During WordCamp San Francisco 2010 (aka WordCamp SF)
  26. iAntiTrust For Apple?
  27. One Million iPads Sold In 28 Days – Apple Breaks His iPhone Milestone
  28. What Happens When Adobe Starts Criticizing Steve Jobs’ Apple? HINT: A Sunamee Of Apple Invades Adobe’s Flash