When Passion Becomes A Habit


Join 7PHP on his magical journey to meeting & exploring The PHP Community!

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7PHP With Cal Evans in Miami for SunshinePHP Conference 2015
7PHP With Cal Evans in Miami for SunshinePHP Conference 2015. (Photo by Adam Culp)

7PHP is a big #PHPc (a.k.a The PHP Community) Fanboy! Hear if from the Icon Of The PHP Community Mr Cal Evans:

Mr Cal Evans says 7PHP hustles for the PHP Community.

Interviewing the #PHP people that are part & parcel of the Community,

The PHP Community is more than just a community...
it's a FAMILY!

What Is An UnConference?
Michelangelo van Dam Explains

Have you ever heard of or attended an UnConference (uncon)? How is it different from a Conference and why does it exists? I talk to Michelangelo who shares his own experience and insights with us.

Dragonbe explains Unconference

PHP Interview With Chris Hartjes
The Grumpy Programmer Of The PHP Community

I cannot think of a single time where PHP was the factor that prevented a problem from being solved. The challenges are understanding the problems you are trying to solve...

Chris Hartjes

Interview With David Heinemeier Hansson a.k.a DHH
The Creator Of Ruby on Rails

Convention over configuration is a principle I hold dear, says DHH.


– Let’s Hear It From Cal Evans

As most of you know, PHP celebrated it’s 20th birthday on the 8th June 2015. Chris Cornutt is already doing an awesome task of maintaining a list of all the PHP stories of people who are part and parcel of PHPc! I’m taking this a step further by interviewing some of the PHP rockstars about what they have to say about #20YearsOfPHP


Interview With Vincent Pontier
The Creator Of elePHPant

Do you know the secret story behind the mystical and magical elePHPant? You do know the elePHPant is the mascot of the PHP language and the undeniable Yoda Master of all #PHPc Ninjas! Do you?!

Vincent Pontier