Do You Want To Quote Tweets Just Like Embedding A YouTube Video? 

Quoting Tweets Is Not An Easy Thing Right Now

If you are Twitter user, you have definitely come across some worthwhile tweets that you would want to quote somewhere on the net or on your own blog. Some of you had surely done it with some few not-so-comfortable copy and paste or a painstaking image shot. But the problem with these 2 approaches are:

1) Copy and Paste – you have to each time copy the content of the tweet, copy the author of the tweet, copy the author’s twitter url and any other meta data (if you are so kind to do so much). As you see, some people might as just quote the content leaving out certain important details about the actual author of these tweets. Another disadvantage is the time and number of clicks you need to do the “quoting”.

2) Image screen shot and customizing it. Again here you need to take a screen shot and if you want to customize the size and shape of your image shot, you will need to open a graphics’ software to do it or use another cloud-website to do it.

Twitter Will Provide An Easy Way To Quote Tweets

On the whole, it’s too time and energy consuming or even not practical to quote tweets, as is. Fortunately, Twitter has just announced today that they will offer an easy method to quote tweets. This added functionality will be revealed tomorrow, 4th May 2010 has been revealed, click here!.

Since, twitter mentions the use of ‘just a snippet of code’, I presume it will be similar to the embedding option available on YouTube to allow people to embed YouTube videos on their website. Twitter provided an example of the output of quoting a tweet using ‘their forthcoming way’ at this post here!

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