#20YearsOfPHP – Let’s Hear It From Cal Evans

What Is This About?

As most of you know, PHP celebrated it’s 20th birthday on the 8th June 2015.
Chris Cornutt is already doing an awesome task of maintaining a list of all the PHP stories of people who are part and parcel of PHPc – see the whole list here (click)!
Here over 7PHP, I’m taking this a step further by interviewing some of the PHP rockstars about what they have to say about #20YearsOfPHP

20 Years Of PHP
20 Years Of PHP

Aand Now Let’s Hear From Cal Evans

>> The first PHP Person that you met & that probably played a vital part in your PHP life

Matthew Weier O’Phinney

(L to R): 7PHP with Matthew Weier O'Phinney
(L to R): 7PHP with Matthew Weier O’Phinney

>> If you look back at the previous 20yrs, what is the one lesson that you’ve learned:
i) by using PHP as a language

You don’t have to memorize the manual, just know what tools are available. You can always look up haystack/needle issues.

ii) by sticking to PHP as a community

Community is **THE MOST IMPORTANT** thing for any developer.

>> One reason why PHP has survived and even transcend itself into success since the last 20yrs

It is easy to master but can be used to build complex solutions. That and it’s everywhere.

>> Your message to New PHPers who will join us now and looking forward for the next 20yrs

Get involved. Don’t be shy, step up. Volunteer to help in your local User Group. Blog about something you learned recently. (Remember, you didn’t know it, someone else probably doesn’t know it yet. help them out) If you are brave enough volunteer to speak at your local User Group. Whatever it takes, get involved in the community and start helping people.

>> Last but not the least, who’s Cal Evans

Please have a look here:

7PHP with Cal Evans - The PHP Icon
7PHP with Cal Evans – The PHP Icon

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