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  1. Making Zend Framework Components Compatible With PHP 7.2 & Is It The End of Monolithic Framework at Zend | Hear It From The Mouth Of The Principal Engineer at Zend Technologies a.k.a Mr Matthew Weier O’Phinney
  2. Ebook Review For Uncle Cal’s Career Advice To Developers
  3. Interview With Mihail Irintchev Team Leader At SiteGround Web hosting
  4. What Tools Does The PHPrince Of Persia Use In His Daily Adventures?!
  5. #20YearsOfPHP – 20 ans Déjà Pour PHP, Écoutons Cal Evans
  6. #20YearsOfPHP – Let’s Hear It From Cal Evans
  7. PHP Interview With Josh Lockhart The Guy Behind ‘PHP The Right Way’ – Find Good Online Resources And Communities & Use Them To Your Advantage
  8. Michelangelo van Dam Shares His Insights On Unconference
  9. How & Why Did The PHP Mascot Come To Birth? The elePHPant Secret Story!
  10. Look The Green Zend elePHPant Is In Mauritius With 7PHP
  11. Slim PHP Micro Framework Through The Lens Of Jeremy Kendall
  12. How To Auto Generate Properties Dynamically For All Your Classes Using Magic Methods & Reflection
  13. PHP Interview With Michael Wallner A Full-Time Core PHP Developer – Try To Understand How Things Work & Why They Work That Way
  14. Welcome To The New PHPWomen – Interview with Michelle Sanver and Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems
  15. PHP Interview With Maarten Balliauw Technical Evangelist at JetBrains – Learn From Others & Talk About What Your Experiences And Issues Are
  16. A Chat About Cloud Computing & PHP Development In The Cloud
  17. PHP Interview With Corey Ballou Co-Organizer Of The Queen City PHP Meetup Group – Start A Web Development Blog & Write About New Things You Learn
  18. Know Thy PHP User Group Know The PHP Hampshire User Group – Find An Independent Venue Rather Than Conference Venues
  19. PHP Interview With Phil Sturgeon The Man Behind PyroCMS – Follow A Standard It Doesn’t Have To Be PSR-1 or PSR-2
  20. PHP Interview With Vito Chin Lead Maintainer Of Gmagick Extension For PHP – Learn More About The Ecosystem That PHP Is Usually Part Of
  21. How To Start A PHP User Group – Hear It From Craig Willis Founder Of The LeedsPHP Usergroup – “The Meetup Must Have A Theme”
  22. Know Thy PHP User Group Know The Leeds PHP User Group (LeedsPHP) – “Choose A Sponsor That Is Actually Interested In Promoting PHP In The Community”
  23. A Chat About Adminer – A Simple, Yet Effective, Database Management tool written in PHP
  24. Know Thy PHP Conference Know The Dutch PHP Conference (DPC) & The Dutch Mobile Conference (DMC) – “If You Can Do It Ahead Of Time, No Matter What It Is, Do It!”
  25. PHP Interview With Jakub Vrana Co-Author Of The Official PHP Manual – Learn How To Use Arrays + Use Classes In A Smart Way
  26. Zend Certifications Tips & Tricks – Hear It From Zend Certified Engineer Eric Hogue
  27. PHP Interview With Manuel Lemos Founder Of – Focus On The Problems Rather Than The Means To Solve Them
  28. PHP Interview With Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems Co-Founder Of – Start Learning PHP Properly First Before Diving Into Any Frameworks
  29. PHP Interview With Stefan Priebsch A Co-Founder Of The PHP Consulting Company aka – Look Beyond PHP!
  30. A Comprehensive Interview With Zurmo CRM Tool + What Is A CRM & Its Relevance In Today’s Era
  31. Zend Certifications Tips & Tricks – Hear It From Zend Certified Engineer Lorna Jane Mitchell
  32. Zend Certifications Tips & Tricks – Hear It From Zend Certified Engineer Michelangelo van Dam
  33. PHP Interview With Paul Dragoonis CTO At – Expand Your Connections Via Twitter, IRC & Google Plus
  34. PHP Interview With Timothy Boronczyk The Managing Editor of – No Substitute For Real-Life Experience Of Writing & Debugging Code
  35. PHP Interview With Derick Rethans The Father Of The PHP Swiss-Army Knife aka Xdebug – Get Familiar With PHP Security!
  36. PHP Interview With Ligaya Turmelle Co-Founder Of – Find A Mentor #php-mentoring
  37. Interview With On Taking Over PHP|Architect – Goal Is To Make Existing Processes More Efficient With Fresh Bloods
  38. PHP Interview With Adam Culp The Organizer Of The South Florida PHP User Group & The Sunshine PHP Conference – Don’t Be Afraid To Break Anything
  39. PHP Interview With Francesco Fullone The President Of The Italian PHP User Group GrUSP – Confrontation Is The first Step To Enlightenment
  40. PHP Interview With Rob Allen The Main Author Of The Book Zend Framework in Action – Learn Security Best Practices From The Beginning
  41. PHP Interview With Matthew Weier O’Phinney Project Lead of Zend Framework – Read Code, Ask questions, Write Lots Of Code & Be Humble
  42. PHP Interview With Patrick Allaert Creator Of Alternative PHP Monitor aka APM – Come To PHP Conferences
  43. PHP Interview With Eli White Chief Technical Officer Of – Just Get In There, Hack Some Code And Enjoy Yourself
  44. PHP Interview With Matthew Turland Co-Author Of ‘PHP Master:Write Cutting Edge Code’ – Learn How To Write PHP Without Using A Third-party Framework First
  45. PHP Interview With Ian Barber A Developer Advocate For Google+ – Try To Dip Your Toe Into Other Languages As Well
  46. PHP Interview With Jacques Woodcock A Leader In The Nashville PHP User Group – Engage In Conversation With Smarter People
  47. PHP Interview With Taylor Otwell The Creator Of Laravel PHP 5.3 Framework – Learn Good Design Patterns
  48. PHP Interview With Davey Shafik The Original Author Of PHAR (The PHP Archive) – The Best Thing About PHP Is The Community
  49. PHP Interview With Chris Cornutt The Hero Behind – Don’t Ever Stop Learning
  50. PHP Interview With Rafael Dohms The Brazilian PHP Evangelist – To Really Learn Go Outside Your Comfort Zone Try New Technologies New Frameworks
  51. PHP Interview With Sebastian Marek Software Architect at Plusnet A Sheffield based ISP – Learn From The Best And Don’t Take Shortcuts
  52. PHP Interview With Lorna Jane Mitchell The Project Lead Of – Get started! Stop reading! Start doing!
  53. PHP Interview With Stuart Herbert The Lead Engineer Of Phix for PHP – Become A Software Archaeologist
  54. PHP Interview With Amit Singh Organizer Of The Biggest Un-Conference In Pune For Indian PHP developers – If Everything Is An Experiment You Cannot Fail
  55. PHP Interview With Chris Hartjes The Grumpy Programmer Of The PHP Community
  56. Interview With Cal Evans The Icon Of The PHP Community
  57. PHP Interview With Ivo Jansch Founder & CEO of Mobile Technology – Use A PHP Framework So You Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel
  58. PHP Interview With Stefan Koopmanschap Symfony Community Manager – Don’t Be Shy To Ask Others For Help
  59. PHP Interview With Michelangelo van Dam President Of PHPBenelux PHP User Group – Give And Expect Nothing In Return
  60. PHP Interview With Enrico Zimuel Senior Software Engineer At Zend Technologies – Everything Is An Array In PHP
  61. Interview With Chris Tankersley Founder Of Northwest Ohio PHP Users Group – Any Involvement Is Good Involvement (@Microsoft)
  62. Building Your PHP Geek Cred To Publicly Be An Awesome PHP Developer
  63. Linux Mint + How To Install APC And Configure APC On Xampp – APC caching extension
  64. Should The RFC Be Adopted, A Huge win It Will Be For PHP
  65. EnterPrise PHP Now Flying In The Clouds With Zend As The Jet – Eureka!
  66. How To Code A Singleton Design Pattern In PHP 5+
  67. DooPHP – How To Decouple PROTECTED_FOLDER To Make Your Protected Folder Outside Your Public/Web Root Folder
  68. Happy 15th Birthday PHP
  69. How Relevant Are Business Goals In PHP Software Architectures In An Era Of PHP-Loving Web-Based Systems
  70. Videos Of WordPress Talks And Interview Of Matt Mullenweg During WordCamp San Francisco 2010 (aka WordCamp SF)
  71. PHP Is Simply Effective. Simple To Learn, Simple To Write, Simple To Read And Simple To Debug. – Haiping Zhao Believes It Too! What About You?
  72. PHP + Savant3 + Solution To ‘Fatal error: Method Savant3::__tostring() cannot take arguments’
  73. I Love To KISS And You Should Learn The Art To KISS Too!