One Million iPads Sold In 28 Days – Apple Breaks His iPhone Milestone

Don’t believe me? Hear it from the mouth of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO:

One million iPads in 28 days—that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone

What Is So Amazing About iPad, You Say?

1) iPad offers users a more intuitive, fun and intimate experience while connection to contents and/or Apps from the App Store. Apple also claims this is unprecedented!

2) iPad comes with a revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface

3) iPad is only 0.5 inches with a weight of just 1.5 pounds. Apple also confirms iPad is thus lighter and thinner than any laptop or netbook.

4) It has an astonishing battery life of 10 hours

5) Besides allowing you to do common things like reading/sending emails, sharing images or browsing the web, iPads also allows you to watch HD movies, listen to music and so much more..

More records For iPad

Among this official announcement from Apple, here’s some more records concerning iPads:

  • Users have downloaded an impressive 12 million+ Apps from the App Store
  • 1.5 million+ ebooks have also been downloaded from the iBookstore

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