How To Quote Tweets – Twitter Answers Your Quote-It Needs With Blackbird Pie, The New Baking Tool!

Yesterday, I mentioned in my post Do You Want To Quote Tweets Just Like Embedding A YouTube Video? that Twitter will announce this surprise today (4th May 2010). Voila! It’s done! Continue to read to know the steps involved..

Quote Tweets Using Blackbird Pie

The online tool that will allow you to easily quote twitter tweets, is named as Blackbird Pie. Here’s a screenshot:

Twitter's BlackBird Pie

Twitter’s BlackBird Pie

Simple Steps To Show You How To Quote Twitter Tweets

1) STEP 1 – Obtain the url or permanent link of your chosen tweet.
On this tweet, right click on the ‘about XX hours ago’ and select “copy link location“, as shown below by the mouse pointer:

Obtaining The PermaLink Of A Tweet

Obtaining The PermaLink Of A Tweet







2) STEP 2 – Paste the url of the tweet in BlackBird Pie’s textbox and click on the ‘Bake It’ button.

Paste Url In BlackBird Pie's TextBox

Paste Url In BlackBird Pie’s TextBox







3) STEP 3 – Copy and Paste the resulting code you just Baked!

BlackBird Pie Baked Result Example

BlackBird Pie Baked Result Example

How Should The Quoted Tweet Appear In Theory? See It Off The Oven Here!

Resulting Tweet In Theory

Resulting Tweet In Theory

How Will The Quoted Tweet Appear In WordPress? Not So Nice Nice..hummm

UPDATED: Apparently, the code was a little bit unstable, but Twitter is working on it and I think it is getting OK as you will see below..
The resulting code will give the following visual result:

WordPress Talks And Interview Of Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp SF 2010 ( #wordpress #7php #Mullenweg #mashable #WordCampSFless than a minute ago via web

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