The PHP Community Is Much More Than PHP Codes or Frameworks. It’s About Good Involvement, Humility, Empathy, Relationship & Giving Back – Jacques Woodcock Shares His Wisdom!

Jacques Woodcock

A Small Intro.. Back on the 5th November 2013, I landed on three quotes from Jacques Woodcock – published by SouthernAlpha. Those quotes were the outcome of a chat between the ‘World Famous’ Jacques (as Jeremy Kendall tags him) and Clark Buckner on: “about giving back to the community“. The article (I felt) did not [...]

A Talk With PHP Recruiter Lonnie Brown – Forget About Money & Take Care Of Your Candidates

PHP Recruiter Lonnie Brown

A Small Intro.. You have all heard of recruitment; we have it in all sphere and The PHP Sphere is no exception to that. Have you ever had an talk with a recruiter? Are you considering reaching out to a PHP recruiter? Or may be, as a company, you are looking to hire one to [...]

How & Why Did The PHP Mascot Come To Birth? Creator Of The elePHPant Vincent Pontier Reveals The True Story!

The Original elePHPant Logo

A Small Intro :: PHP & The PHP Community.. If you know how to echo “Hello, PHP’s simplicity is actually awesome; I do not need magical programming skills to use it like this“, you are a PHP beginner.. If you’ve pushed your first commits on github, you are possibly an intermediate PHPer.. If you’ve launched [...]

Icon Of The PHP Community Turns 50 – Happy Birthday Cal Evans!


Icon Of The PHP Community Completes Half A Century! “The PHP community may very well be the greatest feature of the language. So many great people that are all willing to sit down and share what they know” - Cal once revealed on 7PHP. So if The Community is the greatest feature of the PHP language, Cal [...]

Slim PHP Micro Framework Through The Lens Of Jeremy Kendall


A Small Intro.. Have you ever tried to use Slim PHP micro framework? Or you are in a confusion whether to choose it or not? Well, today I bring you a small chat with Jeremy Kendall [@jeremykendall] who’s been using Slim PHP for quite some time now and he is even using it on his side [...]

A Chat About Cloud Computing & PHP Development In The Cloud

Cloud Computing & PHP Development

A Small Intro.. Whenever we talk about web development nowadays, there has to be an awareness or at least an interest towards cloud computing. We, as PHP Developers, should be aware of what development in the cloud has to offer and how we can leverage it to stay in the game. To this end, I [...]