Prestashop – A 7PHP Comprehensive Interview You Don’t Wanna Miss! Showing The World Why PHP Is Amazing.

Prestashop - The 7PHP interview

A Small Intro Rambling.. Prestashop has been gaining a lot of traction down the last couple of years and 2014 has been a great year for Prestashop. I have been working on Prestashop for over a year for my best client ever which is Neopost France. I have been doing about anything and everything except […]

A Comprehensive Interview About Slim The Micro PHP Framework

What is this all about.. Last time, I’ve introduced the Captain America of The PHP Ecosystem to you, aka Josh Lockhart, via a 7PHP ‘PHP Interview series to help drive thy PHP aspirations‘. This time we go a little bit further with Josh to find out ‘as much as we can‘ about his little masterpiece, […]

Lone Star PHP 2014 Review 02 :: Spotlight On Jeremy Lindblom’s Stay @ #lsp14 – Let’s Continue To Learn & Share #CommunityWorks

Jeremy Lindblom

What Is This All About? Lone Star PHP is a PHP conference which takes place yearly in Dallas/Texas. This year, it took place some weeks back on the 25th-26th April 2014. So what was the buzz, the happenings and the PHPing all about in there? To serve this purpose, 7PHP brings you some reviews based on […]

Lone Star PHP 2014 Review 01 :: Spotlight On Chris Tankersley’s Stay @ #lsp14 – We Need To Talk To Each Other To Learn & Grow

Chris Tankersley

What Is This All About? Welcome to the 7PHP PHP-eatre (theatre) where the screens never tires of diffusing everything that has PHP deep down inside the DNA. Tonight, we’ll watch the “after-the-show” of a yummy PHP Conference, named as the Lone Star PHP which took place last week. The screen tonight, features our PHP Rockstar, the […]

The PHP Community Is Much More Than PHP Codes or Frameworks. It’s About Good Involvement, Humility, Empathy, Relationship & Giving Back – Jacques Woodcock Shares His Wisdom!

Jacques Woodcock

A Small Intro.. Back on the 5th November 2013, I landed on three quotes from Jacques Woodcock – published by SouthernAlpha. Those quotes were the outcome of a chat between the ‘World Famous’ Jacques (as Jeremy Kendall tags him) and Clark Buckner on: “about giving back to the community“. The article (I felt) did not […]

A Talk With PHP Recruiter Lonnie Brown – Forget About Money & Take Care Of Your Candidates

PHP Recruiter Lonnie Brown

A Small Intro.. You have all heard of recruitment; we have it in all sphere and The PHP Sphere is no exception to that. Have you ever had an talk with a recruiter? Are you considering reaching out to a PHP recruiter? Or may be, as a company, you are looking to hire one to […]