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How Relevant Are Business Goals In PHP Software Architectures In An Era Of PHP-Loving Web-Based Systems

Business goals change so fast due to the rapid evolving nature of the Internet’s ecosystem, to understand the relevance of business goals in software architectures with respect to the PHP ecosystem, Periklis Tsirakidis and Johann-Peter Hartmann of MayFlower carried out a survey..

Do You Think Your Phone Numbers On FaceBook Are Private? Think Again!

Tom Scott has designed a new app called Facebook Evill app to show how much easy it is to get user’s phone number despite setting the privacy accordingly on facebook Privacy settings..

FaceBook To Address Your Privacy Concerns In The Incoming Weeks

“We have heard the feedback. There needs to be a simpler way to control your information. In the coming weeks, we will add privacy controls that are much simpler to use. We will also give you an easy way to turn off all third-party services.”

FaceBook CEO Admits Mistakes And Wants To Rectify Them

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that the company “made a bunch of mistakes” and wants to “get this stuff right this time”

Download Google Pacman Game To Your PC!

Download Google Pacman Game To Your PC! Besides playing the online version of Google Pacman game, you can also download it on this Google Pacman page, or just click here to download pacman flash game!

Play Google Pacman Game Freely Online

Play Google Pacman Game Freely Online at 7PHP dot COM. Ever since Google hosted pacman game for the pacman’s 30th birthday, many of us became fans. To continue the pacman’s craze, I have it here!

Another Facebook Privacy Loophole Issue – Facebook’s Privacy Policy A Joke?

Despite Promises to preserve your personal details, Social systems like Facebook & MySpace have been sending data to advertising companies. You wouldn’t expect Facebook’s advertisers to learn who you are. After all, Facebook’s privacy policy and blog posts promise not to share user data with advertisers except when users grant specific permission.

Malware Attack On Facebook Could Be Triggered By Beach Babes Video

Distracting beach babes videos could be the source of a possible malware attack on facebook. Do not get swayed by this sexy babes video, be alert!

Greylock Partners And Zend Investors Fund Zend Technologies With $9 million

The PHP Company Zend Technologies receives a massive $9 million in venture by Greylock Partners with participation from other Zend investors

Analysis Of The Holasionweb And Zettapetta Malware At GoDaddy

Analysis Of The Holasionweb And Zettapetta Malware At GoDaddy. This is an observation carried out by Kevin Reville to arrive at the conclusion of a malware attack triggered remotely.

holasionweb Aka Zettapetta v2 – And The Saga Of Mass Infection For PHP Based Systems Continues At GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting [Code Name MW:MROBH:1]

After the previous episode of Mass Zettapetta malware infection on PHP based websites, this time the malware changes platform to point to

Did You Read Twitter Was Hacked? It Was More Likely A Twitter Hack To Prevent Mike Melanson From Accepting Jesus !

Did You Read Twitter Was Hacked? It Was More Likely A Twitter Hack To Prevent Mike Melanson From Accepting @jesus ! This article presents the difference between a hack and been hacked.

Twitter Has Been Hacked! Twitter’s Force Follow Bug And Count Reset Were Just Excuses?

I have just been informed by the WPSecurityLock Team that the just announced Twitter ‘Force Follow’ Bug was infact resulting from a hacking attempt on Twitter’s system by #TurkishHacker.

Twitter ‘Force Follow’ Bug, Forced Twitter For Resetting Followers/Following Counts To Zero?

There is a bug on Twitter which let’s any user to force anyone follow them. Twitter says to solve this bug, they had to put offline the Following/Followers count module offline.

Zettapetta Attack – Mass Site Infection / Site Attack For WordPress Users Hosted Mainly With BlueHost And GoDaddy

It has come to my attention that during the last few days, as from 7 May 2010, there has been a mass attack to websites powered by wordpress. But most of those attacks came on to webmasters who were hosted by BlueHost and GoDaddy.

How To Change The Path Of Uploading File In WordPress [2.8.x, 2.9.x] Without Touching The Code Configurations

How To Change The Path Of Uploading File In WordPress. This article presents the simple steps with screenshots of how to change the default upload file path of wordpress to a path of your choice.

Are You Paying That Guy Enough To Do A Job For You? If No, Do Yourself A Favor To Understand This Key Concept!

If you are a full time employee or if you are among those people to get paid to do a job for X, then you have surely hit yourself across the wall of frustration at some point, at least once. Well, I have..
{This article highlights concepts in understanding what motivates an employee.}

Facebook Has Been 7PHPed – Facebook The First Social Media To..

Facebook Has Been 7PHPed. Facebook The first Social Media to acquire the maximum number of users in a record time. A record number of 200 Million users in a record time of less than 1 yr, impressive!

How To Get Precise Error Messages For Issues Related To WordPress and MySQL

I’m sure you have noticed that for the 4 possible errors related to WordPress and MySQL, the error message is still the same. But as a web developer, when your system in on local development phase, you would surely want to get precise error messages.

A Glance At What Can Go Wrong Between Your WordPress Installation and MySQL

While installing your wordpress package, you might often have seen errors like “Error establishing a database connection”. There four possible causes to this error.

Chrome Has Been 7PHPed – Chrome The First Browser To Include Native Flash Support

Chrome Has Been 7PHPed – Chrome The First Browser To Include Native Flash Support.

How To Quote Tweets – Twitter Answers Your Quote-It Needs With Blackbird Pie, The New Baking Tool!

Yesterday, I mentioned in my post Do You Want To Quote Tweets Just Like Embedding A YouTube Video? that Twitter will announce this surprise today (4th May 2010). Voila! It’s done! Continue to read to know the steps involved..

Do You Want To Quote Tweets Just Like Embedding A YouTube Video?

If you a Twitter user, you have definitely come across some worthwhile tweets that you would want to quote somewhere on the net or on your own blog. Some of you had surely done it with some few not-so-comfortable copy and paste or a painstaking image shot. But the problem with these 2 approaches are…

Videos Of WordPress Talks And Interview Of Matt Mullenweg During WordCamp San Francisco 2010 (aka WordCamp SF)

WordCamp San Francisco 2010 is currently taking place, from the 1st May 2010 to 4th May 2010. Here’s two worthwhile videos of the event on the 1st and 2nd May.

iAntiTrust For Apple?

This article is focused on the effect of Apple’s new section 3.3.1 policy and open anti-Flash letter; the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have gathered to negotiate an antitrust inquiry into Apple’s new policy of requiring software developers who devise applications for Apple’s devices, like iPhone, iPad..etc

One Million iPads Sold In 28 Days – Apple Breaks His iPhone Milestone

One Million iPads Sold In 28 Days. Apple confirms that this is another milestone achieved prior to the one with iPhone. You will also get a glance of the special characteristics offered by iPad.