Mac OS X 10.8 + How To Completely Remove / Uninstall PHPStorm – Jetbrains PHP IDE

This is week is a major step in the Jetbrains PHP world, yes PHPstorm 7 is out and full of awesomeness.
So before I install phpstorm 7, I want to completely remove the previous phpstorm 6 on my Mac OS X 10.8. Here are the steps I did:

  1. Make sure you disable or uninstall any 3rd party (not-bundled) plugins you used
  2. Delete PHPStorm in /Applications/{phpstorm}
  3. Remove all the configs and related settings in affected places by running the following commands:

rm -rf “$HOME/Library/Preferences/WebIde60”
rm -rf “$HOME/Library/Caches/WebIde60”
rm -rf “$HOME/Library/Application Support/WebIde60”
rm -rf “$HOME/Library/Logs/WebIde60”

A Note:
For me, my previous version was v6.0.3 and hence I have WebIde60. So before you run the commands, just do a # cd “$HOME/Library/Caches/” and look for WebIde & note the whole name and version; e.g for version 7, it’s WebIde70

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  1. If you install PHPStorm 7.0 before uninstalling 6, it will import your preferences and site setups. I dread to think of the work that would be involved in getting 7 back to the configured level I had 6 at (including all the Drupal code hinting etc)

  2. I’ve also discovered an invisible folder in my home directory called .WebIde100. I am not sure if it was there for PHPStorm 7 though…

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