[NomadPHP EuropeanTime – 17 October 2013 Tickets] – Win Free Tickets To Hear Chris Cornutt Talk About “Dispelling the Myths About Authentication & Authorisation”

What Is This About?

Win Free Ticket(s)
Win Free Ticket(s)

Here I am again for another NomadPHP Ticket(s) give-away. Two tickets will be given away – to the 1st & 2nd draw winner!

If you did not know, NomadPHP is virtual PHP User Group mainly for people who do not have the chance to avail of a local PHP user group. But it is open to ANYONE around the world. I also remind you that NomadPHP is an initiative brought forward by the icon of The PHP Community, namely ‘His Awesomeness’ Mr Cal Evans. If you want to know further, you should probably read:

  1.  about the NomadPHP interview with Cal Evans – The organizer
  2. For more info, see NomadPHP’s current session announcement.
Who Will Be The Speaker Of NomadPHP 17 October 2013 Session
Chris Cornutt The Hero Behind PHPdeveloper.org

The speaker will be ‘The Hero behind Behind PHPdeveloper.org‘, I named Chris Cornutt!! He will be talking about “Dispelling the Myths About Authentication & Authorisation”.

How To Win The Free Ticket

Just make a comment below, that’s it! Also do provide your active email so that I can contact you easily and quickly!

The time for that session is at 8p.m CEST / European Time, but you can use this handy time conversion to know the exact time for your country. For example, for me in Mauritius (Port-Louis), the time is 10p.m


– TWO Tickets will be handed ==> 1st & 2nd draw winners!


=> I will make the draw and finalize things on Wednesday 16th October, late night.

A Note..

Usually I would ask people to retweet and/or reply to my newsletter to participate in the draw, but this time I’m asking to comment directly on this article. This way I have the participants’ email to contact them immediately as compared to twitter where I need to wait for like a day for a response to contact the winner.

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  1. NomadPHP is an amazing way to contact great developers and great ideas. We’ve been talking with colleagues and friends about how this is useful to help not only everybody who can’t find a UG in your area, but also bring the chance to listen to people that their efforts are part of our daily work and help to raise PHP’s quality. When distance sometimes is an obstacle, NomadPHP is a cutting-edge solution. Thank you Khayrattee for the chance to everyone to join this important topic, and thanks for Chris Cornutt for participate.

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