[NomadPHP July 2013 Tickets] – Win (TWO) Free Tickets To Hear Corey Ballou Talk About Creating Realtime Applications with PHP and Websockets

What Is This About?

NomadPHP is already on their 3rd edition and I’m hence also on my 3rd Ticket(s) give-away. So by now you should have heard about NomadPHP. If you still haven’t, you should probably read:

  1. the (first) Ticket Give-away here
  2. the second ticket give-away 
  3. +++ also read about the NomadPHP interview with Cal Evans – The organizer
  4. For more info, see NomadPHP’s home page.
Win Free Ticket(s)
Win Free Ticket(s)

Who Will Be The Speaker Of NomadPHP July 2013 Session

The topic of this 3rd talk will be centered around PHP and Websockets and will be presented by speaker Corey Ballou.

How To Win The Free Ticket

OPTION 1 => Via Email

Basically this is for people on my email newsletter list. If you are on my list or if you plan to join (it’s free btw), you will receive an email to which you just have to shoot me a blank reply.

OPTION 2 => via Twitter

Just tweet the following:

You Can Win #FREE Tickets to attend #Live #Online @nomadphp talk. Speaker=> @cballou Topic=> #PHP & #Websockets @7php http://7php.com/nomadphp-july-2013-free-tickets/

NOTE: You can participate in BOTH of them to increase your chance of winning


=> I will make the draw and finalize things on Sunday 21st July – that is 1 week as from the date of this post.

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