[NomadPHP – 19th March 2015 Tickets] – Win (Two) Free Ticket(s) To Hear A Talk scheduled for EU time or US time!

7PHP with Cal Evans - The PHP Icon

Help Someone Win If You Already Have A Ticket

If you already have a ticket or if you are not planning to be in, please share this with someone who can benefit from it. I have nothing to gain here, it’s a humble and generous donation which is made possible by Cal Evans of NomadPHP. So help someone learn some cool stuff freely. Cheers!

How To Win The Free Ticket

NOTE: You can participate for BOTH the US & the EU sessions – just mention EU or US in your message!


1) Make a Tweet and say something about The PHP Community or why you use PHP.


i) Use the Hashtag #NomadPHP and/or #7PHP in your tweet please so that I can track things easily *thank you*

ii) You could also mention @7php and @NomadPHP in your tweet – this is optional

2) If you do not use Twitter, just send me an email instead at w@7php.com

All The Best!

What Talks Are Scheduled This Time?

1) European Time Session:
Rafael Dohms will be presenting Composer The Right Way

2) US Time Session:
John Coggeshall will be presenting: Virtualization for Developers

There are all the info you need to know in their respective landing pages. But if you have any question, you can always tweet to @NomadPHP and/or @7php with your questions

If You WIN, How To Proceed?

1) I will give you a 100% discount code and you just have to register for the event via the link on nomadphp.com. You will not have to enter credit card, you just have to create a normal account and use the promo code. If you already have an account on eventbrite, you already know the drill.. cheers.


=> I will make the draw and finalize things on Wednesday 18th March, late night around 11p.m (GMT+4).

Refreshing Thyself – What Is This About?

If you did not know, NomadPHP is virtual PHP User Group mainly for people who do not have the chance to avail of a local PHP user group. But it is open to ANYONE around the world. I also remind you that NomadPHP is an initiative brought forward by the icon of The PHP Community, namely ‘His Awesomeness’ Mr Cal Evans. If you want to know further, you should probably read:

  1.  about the NomadPHP interview with Cal Evans – The organizer
7PHP with Cal Evans - The PHP Icon
7PHP with Cal Evans – The PHP Icon

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