Linux Mint + How To Uninstall Netbeans Fast & Simple Via Bash Shell


  • You are using a linux distro, in my instance I’m using Linux Mint, but this is applicable to any deb-based linux for example Ubuntu or Debian
  • You already have a version of Netbeans installed on your machine – (click on the following link if you wanted the How To Install Netbeans Part)

The uninstall part comprise fortunately very simple steps, read on..

How To Uninstall Netbeans

First thing you should know that when you install a netbeans version, it will create a netbeans folder in your user home folder. For example, let’s say that my username on my machine is kwasseem and that the netbeans version that I want to uninstall is netbeans-7.0rc2, the netbeans folder will reside on /home/kwasseem/netbeans-7.0rc2/


1) Open your bash terminal and change directory to the netbeans folder as follows:

$ cd /home/kwasseem/netbeans-7.0rc2

2) You will find an unistaller named:
You will need execute it as:

$ ./

3) The netbeans GUI will popup and asking you if you want to remove it, see screenshot below. Just Check the Remove box and click on the button ‘Uninstall’.

netbeans uninstall GUI popup

4) Now the installation folder however still remained in my case, so to delete it there are two ways:

  • Delete via Bash Shell itself with command: rm -rf netbeans-7.0rc2 This command simply does: “remove the mentioned folder recursively“. Recursively means delete any other sub-folders deep inside the parent folder netbeans-7.0rc2
  • Delete by selecting that folder with your mouse and delete as you delete any file or folder. The step above will help you in case the folder needs more privilege permission to be deleted 😉

Voila! Cheers for Netbeans, one the best opensource IDE in town!

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