Linux Mint + How To Know which Version You Are Running (Including 32bit or 64bit)

Today I need to download a version of VM Player. I was confused as to what version I should download for my system. The last time I installed my Linux Mint Julia 10 was so long time ago and I have forgotten what version I installed. I have found the following to be useful in knowing the complete version:

Use Bash Shell To Get Which Distro Is Installed

In your terminal just issue the following:

  • Using the nano command

nano /etc/issue

  • Using the cat command (as Marianne suggested in the comments below)

cat /etc/issue

Use Bash Shell To Get Which Bit Version Is Installed

In your terminal just issue the following:

uname -m


    • i686 will mean you have 32-bit installed
    • x86_64 will mean you have 64 bit installed

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  1. Thanks for the info, this was handy 🙂 Although, it is easier to just use “cat /etc/issue” rather than “nano /etc/issue”… i.e., just displaying the (one line) file, rather than opening a text editor.

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