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How To Suggest A PHP Interviewee

=> Use the comment form below providing the following info:

  1. Name: (name of the person)
  2. *Email: (email of the person)
  3. *Twitter: (twitter handle of the person)
  4. *FB Link: (facebook profile page of the person)
  5. *Google+: (G+ page of the person)
  6. Reason For Choice: (reason you choose him/her)

* Provide any of these fields so that I can identify & contact them. If you can provide all of these, it’s GREAT, else you should provide at least one of them.


  • provide an active email of yours so that I can contact you when the interview goes live
  • Make sure the person you are suggesting is NOT found in any of the lists below and is NOT someone I already interviewed
  • You are free to make recurring suggestions

Interviewee In Queue To Go Live

This list features people whom I have already interviewed, but are pending to go live.


Potential Interviewee

This list features people whom I have been in touch with, they confirmed their participation. But due to their personal time-frame (busy schedule/working on projects), the interview-replies are pending.

  • Jonathan Maron
  • Neal Anders
  • Jeremy Kendall
  • Jeroen van Dijk
  • Chris Shiflett
  • Andrei Zmievski
  • Evan Coury
  • Ed Finkler
  • Brandon Savage
  • Luke Stokes
  • Nikita Popov
  • W.J. Gilmore

Interviewee Sent An Email

This list features people whom I’m yet to receive a reply from.

  • Nils Adermann
  • Paul Jones
  • Vance Lucas
  • Ian Landsman
  • David Coallier
  • Elizabeth Naramore
  • Ilia Alshanetsky
  • Lorenzo Alberton
  • Ciaran Rooney
  • Joshua Eichorn
  • Anthony Sterling
  • Gabor de Mooij

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  1. Hi Peter,
    thanks for the suggestion. I did contact him initially last year, did not get an answer. I will try again today on your request ๐Ÿ™‚ Will let you know! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

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