Linux + How To Install And Configure Suhosin As A Xampp Extension

=> You are running a Linux-based system – this guide is mostly targeted at debian based systems like ubuntu, linux mint or debian itself..etc
=> You have installed Xampp at the following path: /opt/lampp/ (if you have it somewhere else, use your path)
=> You are familiar with the bash terminal or a linux terminal

What Is Suhosin?

~ Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations. It was designed to protect servers and users from known and unknown flaws in PHP applications and the PHP core.

~ Suhosin is the big brother to the Hardened-PHP patch which adds an extra level of protection to PHP. Installing Suhosin can be a bit confusing so we’ll show you how it can be easily installed on Linux

[- from suhosin homepage]

How To Install Suhosin As A Xampp Extension

To install suhosin as a xampp extension, follow the simple steps below..

  1. Download Suhosin source package from it’s official download page
  2. Extract it in a folder of your choice
  3. Change directory to the extracted suhosin folder: # cd suhosin-xxx
  4. run phpize : # /opt/lampp/bin/phpize
  5. # ./configure –enable-suhosin –with-php-config=/opt/lampp/bin/php-config
  6. # make
  7. # sudo make install
  8. Edit your php.ini and add enabled the extension, by adding the line
  9. restart your xampp: # sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart

How To Configure Suhosin In php.ini

The settings below is what works for me on my dev system, but I would advice you to enabled one-by-one and understand the effect it has on your system. This is the best way to adapt those settings to suit your needs.

suhosin.apc_bug_workaround = On
suhosin.session.encrypt = Off
suhosin.executor.eval.blacklist=”include, include_once, require, require_once, curl_init,fpassthru,file, base64_encode, base64_decode, mail, exec, system, proc_open, leak, syslog, pfsockopen, shell_exec, ini_restore, symlink, stream_socket_server,
proc_nice,popen, proc_get_status, dl,  pcntl_exec, pcntl_fork, pcntl_signal, pcntl_waitpid, pcntl_wexitstatus, pcntl_wifexited, pcntl_wifsignaled, pcntl_wifstopped, pcntl_wstopsig, pcntl_wtermsig, socket_accept, socket_bind, socket_connect, socket_create, socket_create_listen, socket_create_pair,
link, register_shutdown_function, register_tick_function”

=> If you are using systems like wordpress or any other php-systems like forums..etc
Do not enabled ‘suhosin.executor.disable_eval‘, since all those systems use the evil php function eval(). If you enabled it, you wil simply see a blank screen – You have been informed! 😀

–<How about your settings? What works for you?

Possible Errors During Execution Of phpize

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