Interviewing the #PHP people aka #PHPeople who are part & parcel of the Community, is MY PASSION!

The PHP Community (#PHPc) is more than just a community…

It *is* a FAMILY!


PHP interview | Chris Hartjes the grumpy programmer of the PHP community

image of Chris Hartjes

I cannot think of a single time where PHP was the factor that prevented a problem from being solved.
The challenges are understanding the problems you are trying to solve. {read more}

PHP conferences | What Is An UnConference? Michelangelo van Dam Explains

Have you ever attended an UnConference (uncon)? {read more}

image of Michelangelo van Dam

#20YearsOfPHP | Hear It From Cal Evans

image of 7php with Matthew Weier O’Phinney

PHP celebrated it’s 20th birthday on the 8th June 2015. {read more}

#PHPc Tour | Vincent Pontier The Creator Of elePHPant

The secret story behind the mystical elePHPant! The elePHPant is the mascot of PHP & the undeniable Yoda Master of all #PHPc Ninjas.. {read more}

image of Vincent Pontier

Around The Ecosystem | David Heinemeier Hansson a.k.a DHH The Creator Of Ruby on Rails

image of David Heinemeier Hansson

“Convention over configuration is a principle I hold dear”, says DHH… {read more}