Let’s #phpGreen – With 7PHP At National Park Mauritius

What Is This All About..

This early morning, while going for a walk at National Park (Mauritius) to relax and regenerating myself, I constantly have a thinking mind. And this time, I was “with” nature and also thinking about php/#PHPc (as always) – and thus came the idea for #phpGreen. To know more, watch the small video below.

Do this as often, so that we can mention every #PHP folks out there, one video at a time :)

Hopefully, this will also encourage you to have a walk more often inside nature’s amazing environment – being surrounded by only fauna and flora is totally relaxing.

What’s Next?

If you are game in, please post your video (post) on twitter with hashtag #phpGreen.

Optionally you can also:

  1. link back to the first edition which is this one – http://7php.com/phpgreen-7php-nationalpark/
  2. List of all #phpGreen done by others


Let’s do this! :)


Some Pics From National Park

national park - wasseem










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