[NomadPHP US Time – 19 December 2013 Tickets] – Win Free Tickets To Hear Sara Golemon Talk About “Scaling PHP with HipHop”

How To Win The Free Ticket

Two possible ways to participate:

  1. Just make a comment below, that’s it! Also do provide your active email so that I can contact you easily and quickly!
  2. If  you are on my email list, you will receive an email soon to which you just have to blank reply for your participation

So, in total, you have two chances to play in!

I would highly appreciate if you could give some feedback about Nomadphp or say something about Cal Evans, when responding.

Do not forget to do the Time Conversion

The time for that session is at 8p.m CDT / US Time, but you can use this handy time conversion to know the exact time for your country. For example, for me in Mauritius (GMT+4), the time is 6.am on Friday 20th – on day after, but early morning!

If you win, how to proceed?

I will give you a 100% discount code and you just have to register for the event via the link on nomadphp.com. You will not have to enter credit card, you just have to create a normal account and use the promo code.

Who Will Be The Speaker Of NomadPHP 19th December 2013 Session –  US Time

Sara Golemon will present Scaling PHP with HipHop


=> I will make the draw and finalize things on Tuesday 17th December, late night around 9p.m (GMT+4).

Aaand What Is This About, Remind Me?


Win Free Ticket(s)
Win Free Ticket(s)


If you did not know, NomadPHP is virtual PHP User Group mainly for people who do not have the chance to avail of a local PHP user group. But it is open to ANYONE around the world. I also remind you that NomadPHP is an initiative brought forward by the icon of The PHP Community, namely ‘His Awesomeness’ Mr Cal Evans. If you want to know further, you should probably read:

  1.  about the NomadPHP interview with Cal Evans – The organizer
  2. For more info, see NomadPHP’s current session announcement.

All The Best!

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. NomadPHP is a great initiative.

    One thing that I feel is when you prize the money and compare a country like India, the rate is huge.

    Probably I wished if Cal can calculate the amount of money to be paid based on Country :-)

    Not just to get a ticket, but a true feedback I have wished to send him by Email.


  2. That’s a great opportunity to learn more about HH, which brings us new possibilities to the PHP world, for sure! Thank you Sara for sharing your knowledge, the NomadPHP and to Khayrattee for another great chance to enjoy this priceless fount of wisdom.

  3. Hari & Davi, both of YOU won the tickets! Ticket code has been emailed to both!
    Congrats & thanks for your participation!


  4. Hari you won one ticket in here too, the other winner is Bud Manz!


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