[NomadPHP June 2013 Tickets] – Win (TWO) Free Tickets To Hear Phil Sturgeon Talk About Laravel 4

What Is This About?

If you did not hear about NomadPHP, you should probably read about the previous (first) Ticket Give-away here and also read about the interview with Cal Evans – The NomadPHP organizer.

NomadPHP is already on their 2nd edition and a 3rd one also is looming around. For more info, see their home page here.

Win A Free Ticket

Win A Free Ticket

Who Will Be The Speaker Of NomadPHP June 2013 Session

The topic of this 2nd talk will be centered around Laravel 4 PHP Framework (which is gaining lots of momentum since it’s birth back in April 2011) and will be presented by speaker Phil Sturgeon who is:

  • the founder of PyroCMS
  • has been part of the core teams for CodeIgniter and FuelPHP PHP frameworks
  • one of the prominent voice behind PHP-Fig

To know more about Phil, read his PHP Interview!

How To Win The Free Ticket

OPTION 1 => Via Email

Basically this is for people on my email newsletter list. If you are on my list or if you plan to join (it’s free btw), you will receive an email to which you just have to shoot me a blank reply.

OPTION 2 => via Twitter

Just re-tweet the following:

ReTweet To Win FREE Tickets to attend Live Online @nomadphp talk. Speaker=> @philsturgeon Topic=> #Laravel /cc: @7php http://7php.com/nomadphp-june-2013-free-tickets/

NOTE: You can participate in BOTH of them to increase your chance of winning


=> I will make the draw and finalize things on Sunday 23rd June – that is 1 week as from the date of this post, so act fast!

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