A Glaring Example Of The Unique Spirit of The PHP Community => 7PHP Says Thanks To The PHP Community For PHPNW!

What Is This About? In October 2014, I attended my first ever PHP Conference which was at PHP North West in London / Manchester. But few of you actually know that this whole thing was magically made possible because of The PHP Community & it’s valiant members. #CommunityGivesBack My Passion – I Somehow also PHPleep […]

Prestashop – A 7PHP Comprehensive Interview You Don’t Wanna Miss! Showing The World Why PHP Is Amazing.

A Small Intro Rambling.. Prestashop has been gaining a lot of traction down the last couple of years and 2014 has been a great year for Prestashop. I have been working on Prestashop for over a year for my best client ever which is Neopost France. I have been doing about anything and everything except […]

Know Thy Conference Know The EndPoint API Conference – APIs Will Be Everywhere & Every Service Will Offer Them

Purpose Of This ‘PHP Conference Interview’ Concept This is the #2nd set of Know Thy PHP Conference in an attempt to create more awareness of: what is $this PHP Conference about + get to know the people behind it what is a PHP Conference in general what is involved in organizing a PHP Conference what is a PHP UnConference (I will try […]

How To Use SVN 1.8 With Jetbrains PHPstorm 7.1 (On Windows 8)

Assumptions for this article: For this article we are using Windows 8 (64-bit) – but this should work for windows 7 too I’m using PHPstorm 7.1 (the latest one at the time of this writing) I’m using SVN 1.8 You know how to install PHPstorm (the awesome PHP IDE) & have it handy on your machine What Is […]

Composer Issue + ” exceeded the timeout of 300 seconds “

I was installing this package from github and I came across the following issue: – Installing doctrine/annotations (dev-master e93f3b7) Cloning e93f3b718c421daddff58c4a4af1aee574472cd6 Failed to download doctrine/annotations from source: The process “git clone –no-checkout ‘git://github.com/doctrine/annotations.git’ ‘/var/www/pagekit.com/pagekit/vendor/doctrine/annotations’ && cd ‘/var/www/pagekit.com/pagekit/vendor/doctrine/annotations’ && git remote add composer ‘git://github.com/doctrine/annotations.git’ && git fetch composer” exceeded the timeout of 300 seconds. Now trying […]

Know The Las Vegas PHP User Group – Help Each Other & We All Benefit

Purpose Of This ‘PHP User Group Interview’ Concept This is the #4th set of ‘Know Thy PHP Usergroup‘ in an attempt to create more awareness of: what is $this PHP UG about + get to know the leaders/Founders/Community behind it what is a PHP User Group in general to personally know all the PHP user groups Around The World […]

The 7PHP Rockstar Profile of Michelangelo van Dam

An 7PHP Profile for Michelangelo van Dam   All 7PHP Articles Featuring Michelangelo van Dam Michelangelo’s 7PHP – PHP interview His Zend Certification Advice interview His wise thoughts on PHPwomen His wishes to Cal Evans who just turned 50 He bitcoinized 7PHP Michelangelo talks about What is an uncon 2015 Message & 2014 Retro of […]

Magento Certifications Tips & Tricks – Hear It From Magento Certified Engineer Phillip Jackson

Purpose Of This Interview This is the #1st set of Magento Certification Tips and Advice to help anyone taking either of the FOUR Magento Exams powered by Magento – an Ebay Inc. Company: the Magento Front End Developer Certification, the Magento Developer Certification, the Magento Developer Plus Certification and/or the Magento Certified Solution Specialist. The aim being […]

A Comprehensive Interview About Slim The Micro PHP Framework

What is this all about.. Last time, I’ve introduced the Captain America of The PHP Ecosystem to you, aka Josh Lockhart, via a 7PHP ‘PHP Interview series to help drive thy PHP aspirations‘. This time we go a little bit further with Josh to find out ‘as much as we can‘ about his little masterpiece, […]

Lone Star PHP 2014 Review 02 :: Spotlight On Jeremy Lindblom’s Stay @ #lsp14 – Let’s Continue To Learn & Share #CommunityWorks

What Is This All About? Lone Star PHP is a PHP conference which takes place yearly in Dallas/Texas. This year, it took place some weeks back on the 25th-26th April 2014. So what was the buzz, the happenings and the PHPing all about in there? To serve this purpose, 7PHP brings you some reviews based on […]