Installing Magento version 2 on an AWS (Amazon) Free Tier EC2 Instance On LEMP – Everything Command Line Way!

  Small Intro This article tries to demonstrate how to setup an AWS (EC2) instance, installing a LEMP stack, preparing the server environment to meet Magento’s requirements and then to finally install Magento v2 using commandline approach. While, I completely agree that: – you can use any other VPS – you can git clone using […]

2015 Message & 2014 Retro of Michelangelo To The PHP Community

What Is This All About? In January 2015, I reach out to some of the members and rockstars of The PHP Community. The objectives being about how these PHPers see 2015 and also about how year 2014 has been community-wise, PHP-wise and their own self. So Let’s Hear From Michelangelo van Dam Michelangelo needs no […]

The PHP Community Is Also About Promoting Lifestyle Changes & Nurturing Healthy Habits – Get OnBoard #BiggestLoserPHP15 With Coderabbi! #CommunityWorks

The PHPorce, In You It Resides! Three days back (that is last Friday 20th March 2015) our living PHP Community Legend, our PHP Icon, our own Mr Cal Evans tweeted something profound which most of us in one way or the other understand – if you have the ability to view it by summoning your PHPorce. No your 3D […]

[NomadPHP – 19th March 2015 Tickets] – Win (Two) Free Ticket(s) To Hear A Talk scheduled for EU time or US time!

Help Someone Win If You Already Have A Ticket If you already have a ticket or if you are not planning to be in, please share this with someone who can benefit from it. I have nothing to gain here, it’s a humble and generous donation which is made possible by Cal Evans of NomadPHP. So […]

[NomadPHP – 19 February 2015 Tickets] – Win A Free Ticket To Hear A Talk scheduled for EU time or US time!

Refreshing Thyself – What Is This About?   Win Free Ticket(s)   If you did not know, NomadPHP is virtual PHP User Group mainly for people who do not have the chance to avail of a local PHP user group. But it is open to ANYONE around the world. I also remind you that NomadPHP is an initiative […]

Happy NewYear2015 Message From David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) To The Wider Programmer Community

Who’s David Heinemeier Hansson aka DHH Back in March 2013, I was honored to interview DHH for the first time. For those who might not have heard about him, David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator/father of Ruby and Rails. Yeah, I know! That’s not related with PHP, but the Programming world is Universal. Let’s Hear The New Year […]

Happy NewYear2015 Message From Stefan Koopmanschap To The PHP Community

Who’s Stefan Koopmanschap? I previously did a PHP interview with Stefan aka Skoop on twitter, which you can read here! And as I also mentioned in my November 2014 post, I was honored to meet him in person back in Oct 2014.   Let’s Hear The New Year Message From Stefan Koopmanschap! >> Hey Skoop! How has […]

Know Thy PHP Conference Know The PHP South Coast Conference – It’s All ‘About & For’ The PHP Community

Purpose Of This ‘PHP Conference Interview’ Concept This is the #3rd set of Know Thy PHP Conference in an attempt to create more awareness of: what is $this PHP Conference about + get to know the people behind it what is a PHP Conference in general what is involved in organizing a PHP Conference what is a PHP UnConference (I will try […]

The Black AmsterdamPHP elePHPant – A New PHPamily Member Is Born

What Is This About Today I have the pleasure and honor to welcome Rafael Dohms the 2nd PHP ninja turtle (the other one being of course Michelangelo van Dam) on 7PHP, after his first which dates back to April 2012. Rafael has recently come up with an awesome initiative (some days back): the elePHPant family will soon witness the […]

7PHP Attended PHP North West In Oct 2014 – Emotions & Review of #PHPNW14

A Small Intro.. PHP North West 2014 was the first PHP Conference ever that I attended. I was full of emotions and excitement – this conference has a special meaning to me, it was like a ‘magical dream but in reality!‘ (Urm, I hope you get that craziness, passion involved here). I was sponsored fully to attend […]