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The picture (of me) below was taken in Year 2010 when I attended Microsoft Tech Days in Mauritius.

Khayrattee Wasseem - Editor-in-Chief at 7php.com


Me in Year 2015 at SunShinePHP Conf in Miami. Yeah unfortunately I’ve lost quite a bit of hairs and my skin also got a bit darker – ahh too much sunlight in Mauritius. 😛

7PHP with Cal Evans - The PHP Icon

7PHP with Cal Evans – The PHP Icon At SunshinePHP Conference in Miami – year 2015


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Hey there, my name is Khayrattee Wasseem and I live in Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. As a Web Developer, I have a strong positive feeling for the opensource philosophy. During the years I have grown an unexpected passion for the PHP language despite the comfort and elegance which [C#/ASP].NET provides. I must admit I hated php4 the first few months. But then when I got back on the 5.x version after a year or so, I immediately got a hunch that this PHP will no more be just any scripting language, “the giant is growing day by day”.

To further cultivate my love for PHP and to help me keep in touch (constant motivation is scarce these days), this blog (7php.com) was born on the 30th March 2010.

You can connect with me on Twitter, FaceBook and Google Plus.

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This blog used to be mainly a medium for me to share my day-to-day experience with PHP and everything that is directly or indirectly linked with PHP. (“Writing on a subject matter on a regular basis, undoubtedly boost the probability of you getting better at it” ~ Khayrattee Wasseem).

But now, 7php.com has evolved or matured (as from Jan 2011 exactly) more into a platform where I carry regular interviews with Prominent PHP elePHPants, Members and Entities that form part of The amazing and magical PHP Community.

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You are most welcomed to ‘sayHello()’ or contribute in discussions unity of mind == maximum benefit for X. (Read X as learning, solving problems..etc)

Else, you might also find some off-topic posts on occasions; the fingers of your hand are not all of the same heights.


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  1. Hello!

    Hmm finally I found the time to drop by your blog! You have a very nice one going on here! and highly technical! 😉
    So you are a php lover…and i nearly failed that module back at Uni! -_-‘

    anyway, all the best php-ing! 😉

    Take Care!

  2. Hi Aniisah!

    it’s indeed a nice surprise to see you here 😉 Thank you so much for the appreciation. 😉

    I think the thing with PHP, as any other language, is that you need to really show a bit of care to it, it’s like a baby.. give it close attention and affection :) – I will say specially for PHP.
    Because PHP is something which many of us learn from the web (since it originated from a collaboration via the web). It can be very simple, but also confusing if you don’t pay enough of attention due to some its unique traits (like being loosely typed language). But I’m sure if you again get the chance to work with it, you will do nice. Except if you are a microsoft or java addict. 😀


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just checked your achieves and you seem to have a nice blog going here. Keep it up :)

  4. Hey there ‘anonymous’ 😀
    Thanks for dropping by and for your kind remarks.


  5. Derek Larrick says:

    You’re blogging has really come on when I look back over previous posts. Actually I arrived here from a forum on an unrelated topic. Worth surfing sometimes. Thanks.

  6. Hi Derek, thanks for dropping by 😉 Ya, I’m doing my best to keep the blog forging ahead :)

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