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A Chat About Cloud Computing & PHP Development In The Cloud

A Small Intro.. Whenever we talk about web development nowadays, there has to be an awareness or at least an interest towards cloud computing. We, as PHP Developers, should be aware of what development in the cloud has to offer and how we can leverage it to stay in the game. To this end, I […]

PHP Interview With Corey Ballou Co-Organizer Of The Queen City PHP Meetup Group – Start A Web Development Blog & Write About New Things You Learn

Purpose Of This Interview This is the #35th set of PHP Interview to help aspiring PHP developers and PHP fans alike to get inspired by listening from those PHP guys who are already highly involved into the PHP Ocean and being ‘there’ taming the waves and surfing better than ever to make themselves an Awesome […]

[NomadPHP July 2013 Tickets] – Win (TWO) Free Tickets To Hear Corey Ballou Talk About Creating Realtime Applications with PHP and Websockets

What Is This About? NomadPHP is already on their 3rd edition and I’m hence also on my 3rd Ticket(s) give-away. So by now you should have heard about NomadPHP. If you still haven’t, you should probably read: the (first) Ticket Give-away here the second ticket give-away  +++ also read about the NomadPHP interview with Cal Evans – The […]

Speaker & Attendee Feedback Of The Previous Laravel4 Talk Of NomadPHP June 2013

A Small Intro… Previously on thursday 27th July 2013 (8pm CDT), NomadPHP hosted their 2nd talk which was about “Laravel 4” – the speaker being Phil Sturgeon. I also announced my 2nd free ticket giveaway for this online event – a generosity awesomely made possible by the ever-awesome @NomadPHP organizer; Cal Evans. In this short (as […]