1. PHP Interview With Adam Culp The Organizer Of The South Florida PHP User Group & The Sunshine PHP Conference – Don’t Be Afraid To Break Anything
  2. Everything You Should Know About The PHP Master Series Vol 1 – Get Prepared To Ask Your Questions Beforehand!
  3. PHP Interview With Francesco Fullone The President Of The Italian PHP User Group GrUSP – Confrontation Is The first Step To Enlightenment
  4. PHP Interview With Rob Allen The Main Author Of The Book Zend Framework in Action – Learn Security Best Practices From The Beginning
  5. PHP Interview With Matthew Weier O’Phinney Project Lead of Zend Framework – Read Code, Ask questions, Write Lots Of Code & Be Humble
  6. PHP Interview With Patrick Allaert Creator Of Alternative PHP Monitor aka APM – Come To PHP Conferences
  7. PHP Interview With Eli White Chief Technical Officer Of Musketeers.me – Just Get In There, Hack Some Code And Enjoy Yourself
  8. PHP Interview With Matthew Turland Co-Author Of ‘PHP Master:Write Cutting Edge Code’ – Learn How To Write PHP Without Using A Third-party Framework First
  9. PHP Interview With Ian Barber A Developer Advocate For Google+ – Try To Dip Your Toe Into Other Languages As Well
  10. PHP Interview With Jacques Woodcock A Leader In The Nashville PHP User Group – Engage In Conversation With Smarter People
  11. PHP Interview With Taylor Otwell The Creator Of Laravel PHP 5.3 Framework – Learn Good Design Patterns
  12. MySQL + UPDATE SELECT Statement + #1093 – You can’t specify target table for update in FROM clause
  13. PHP Interview With Davey Shafik The Original Author Of PHAR (The PHP Archive) – The Best Thing About PHP Is The Community
  14. PHP Interview With Chris Cornutt The Hero Behind PHPdeveloper.org – Don’t Ever Stop Learning
  15. PHP Interview With Rafael Dohms The Brazilian PHP Evangelist – To Really Learn Go Outside Your Comfort Zone Try New Technologies New Frameworks
  16. PHP Interview With Sebastian Marek Software Architect at Plusnet A Sheffield based ISP – Learn From The Best And Don’t Take Shortcuts
  17. PHP Interview With Lorna Jane Mitchell The Project Lead Of Joind.in – Get started! Stop reading! Start doing!
  18. PHP Interview With Stuart Herbert The Lead Engineer Of Phix for PHP – Become A Software Archaeologist
  19. PHP Interview With Amit Singh Organizer Of The Biggest Un-Conference In Pune For Indian PHP developers – If Everything Is An Experiment You Cannot Fail
  20. PHP Interview With Chris Hartjes The Grumpy Programmer Of The PHP Community
  21. Interview With Cal Evans The Icon Of The PHP Community
  22. PHP Interview With Ivo Jansch Founder & CEO of Mobile Technology Egeniq.com – Use A PHP Framework So You Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel
  23. PHP Interview With Stefan Koopmanschap Symfony Community Manager – Don’t Be Shy To Ask Others For Help
  24. PHP Interview With Michelangelo van Dam President Of PHPBenelux PHP User Group – Give And Expect Nothing In Return
  25. PHP Interview With Enrico Zimuel Senior Software Engineer At Zend Technologies – Everything Is An Array In PHP
  26. Interview With Chris Tankersley Founder Of Northwest Ohio PHP Users Group – Any Involvement Is Good Involvement (@Microsoft)
  27. Building Your PHP Geek Cred To Publicly Be An Awesome PHP Developer