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I don’t claim to be an expert in PHP. The materials I post are based on my experience, they are in no way the best or the most perfect way to embrace. But you should assume that I am no better than you are and my opinion has as much weight as yours. Problem solving has so many facets, It’s your responsibility to discuss the possible ways of doing it and/or confirm what works out as a general solution.

I might also link or reference other websites/blogs, but I’m in no way affiliated with them whatsoever except where disclosed. When you post your thoughts, opinion and including ‘codes’ on this blog, you should assume that I could benefit from it; as well as anyone else reading it.

However, your personal details shared on this blog (for example email address, IP address and any other preferences) will never be disclosed without your consent.

Affiliate Links

I use the following affiliate links on 7php.com:

  1. Linode – I was previously using this (2009-2014)
  2. DigitalOcean – I have a few sites hosted there, so far so good (since 2014)
  3. StudioPress – from which I bought their Genesis WordPress Theme Framework. By far the BEST wordpress theme with awesome features.
  4. Amazon (books that are really worthwhile and recommended by our PHP rock-stars)

(If you do use my referral links to avail of any of services I recommend, I’m really grateful and thankful to you.)