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Know Thy PHP Conference Know The PHP South Coast Conference – It’s All ‘About & For’ The PHP Community

Purpose Of This ‘PHP Conference Interview’ Concept This is the #3rd set of Know Thy PHP Conference in an attempt to create more awareness of: what is $this PHP Conference about + get to know the people behind it what is a PHP Conference in general what is involved in organizing a PHP Conference what is a PHP UnConference (I will try […]

The Black AmsterdamPHP elePHPant – A New PHPamily Member Is Born

What Is This About Today I have the pleasure and honor to welcome Rafael Dohms the 2nd PHP ninja turtle (the other one being of course Michelangelo van Dam) on 7PHP, after his first which dates back to April 2012. Rafael has recently come up with an awesome initiative (some days back): the elePHPant family will soon witness the […]