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Know Thy Conference Know The EndPoint API Conference – APIs Will Be Everywhere & Every Service Will Offer Them

Purpose Of This ‘PHP Conference Interview’ Concept This is the #2nd set of Know Thy PHP Conference in an attempt to create more awareness of: what is $this PHP Conference about + get to know the people behind it what is a PHP Conference in general what is involved in organizing a PHP Conference what is a PHP UnConference (I will try […]

How To Use SVN 1.8 With Jetbrains PHPstorm 7.1 (On Windows 8)

Assumptions for this article: For this article we are using Windows 8 (64-bit) – but this should work for windows 7 too I’m using PHPstorm 7.1 (the latest one at the time of this writing) I’m using SVN 1.8 You know how to install PHPstorm (the awesome PHP IDE) & have it handy on your machine What Is […]