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PHP Interview With Josh Lockhart The Guy Behind ‘PHP The Right Way’ – Find Good Online Resources And Communities & Use Them To Your Advantage

Purpose Of This Interview This is the #38th set of PHP Interview to help aspiring PHP developers and PHP fans alike to get inspired by listening from those PHP guys who are already highly involved into the PHP Ocean and being ‘there’ taming the waves and surfing better than ever to make themselves an Awesome PHP Expert both in their own eyes (for self-accomplishment) and […]

The PHP Community Is Much More Than PHP Codes or Frameworks. It’s About Good Involvement, Humility, Empathy, Relationship & Giving Back – Jacques Woodcock Shares His Wisdom!

A Small Intro.. Back on the 5th November 2013, I landed on three quotes from Jacques Woodcock – published by SouthernAlpha. Those quotes were the outcome of a chat between the ‘World Famous’ Jacques (as Jeremy Kendall tags him) and Clark Buckner on: “about giving back to the community“. The article (I felt) did not […]