7PHP v3 Released

7PHP v3 In Da House! Aye! 

7PHP v3 is here! Let The PHPorce & The PHPassion be unleashed!! YES!

— Khayrattee
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Where Was 7PHP

Hey #phpc! I’m writing this article on my bed, next to my 18months’ old daughter who just can’t stop wanting to keep playing even at this hour of the night - it’s currently 1a.m at my place. Like my boss says, my daughter inherited my late night sleeper habit right when she was born!

My last post dated back in July 2016. Yes that long time ago! Those who know me, know that when 7PHP started, I use to be consistent in posting. But that awesome consistency came to an abrupt failure after I got married some 3yrs ago. As of now, I have an 18months old daughter. Coupled with some work stress, things got so busy and out of control. So, in brief, when you are married, have at least a kid, I just can’t seem to find that same energy and time that I used to have a long time ago. This dramatically impacted my frequency and energy level with what I do here on 7PHP.

Hopefully, I got a “kick” inside myself recently and I had to break through that catastrophy. I have been so much loved and supported by the community that I just can’t fail them.

To renew that commitment and to regenerate my passion, I reconsidered my aims and objectives with 7PHP. Going back to the roots since that first interview..etc, did some good inside me.

I cannot promise I will be as consistent as I used to be back in 2012-2014, but I know I will do my best to push my passion forward.

7PHP Drops Wordpress For Static pages with The Jekyll Way

To be able to focus on the fluidity of ideas in my mind and coming up with interviews, I examined some bottle neck in that process. I felt the need of a refreshing look for 7PHP, something which would reflect how I feel inside myself. My website and myself need to be ONE with each other.

Considering such factors, I decided to jump towards the jekyll way - this process had as catalyst the awesome @ramsey. While I came through his website, jekyllrb (although known to me) suddenly started to trigger something in me. I played with & evaluated it for a week and immediately saw it was what I needed - I suddenly had 100% flexibility on my website and could set it up exactly however I wanted.

So after 3.5 weeks of work, averaging 1.5hrs per day, I present you this new 7PHP website v3. The old v2 is here for your reference, while the initial v1 is here.

The v3 has 2 main layout:

Some New Features For 7PHP v3

  • New Layout of course
  • All pages on 7PHP are fully served through https
  • 7PHP implements HPKP - making us rank A+ on ssl-labs and SecurityHeaders.
  • 7PHP uses Cloudflare with Full Strict SSL to Origin
  • I’m using Nginx instead of Apache

For a complete list, see the changelog

On a side note, I’m focusing a lot on the server aspect. Recently I’ve been spending and investing myself to ramp up my skills for my new side adventure. I have come up with a new experiment, I will be providing a service where I have as aim to help 100 people manage their webhosting online. At this time, I’m not yet ready to announce that service’s site, but I will do it in due course. Ultimately, if that works for me, it will hopefully help me get several step closer to my urge to attend conferences world-wide and contributing back to the community.

All Previous Interviews - A Work In Progress

As you will note, I have not yet ported all my previous articles and interviews. I’m working on it one-article-at-a-time. So bear with me. All will be back soon.

See You With My Next Interview

I hope the new 7PHP v3 appears refreshing to you. And I have a lot of ideas for new things. So stay tuned. I hope that you’ll continue to support 7PHP. Till then, see you very soon for my next interview series!

Let The PHPorce & The PHPassion be unleashed!! YES!!!

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