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  2. Making Zend Framework Components Compatible With PHP 7.2 & Is It The End of Monolithic Framework at Zend | Hear It From The Mouth Of The Principal Engineer at Zend Technologies a.k.a Mr Matthew Weier O’Phinney
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  8. Happy NewYear2015 Message From Stefan Koopmanschap To The PHP Community
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  10. The Black AmsterdamPHP elePHPant – A New PHPamily Member Is Born
  11. Prestashop – A 7PHP Comprehensive Interview You Don’t Wanna Miss! Showing The World Why PHP Is Amazing.
  12. Know Thy Conference Know The EndPoint API Conference – APIs Will Be Everywhere & Every Service Will Offer Them
  13. Know The Las Vegas PHP User Group – Help Each Other & We All Benefit
  14. Magento Certifications Tips & Tricks – Hear It From Magento Certified Engineer Phillip Jackson
  15. A Comprehensive Interview About Slim The Micro PHP Framework
  16. Lone Star PHP 2014 Review 02 :: Spotlight On Jeremy Lindblom’s Stay @ #lsp14 – Let’s Continue To Learn & Share #CommunityWorks
  17. Lone Star PHP 2014 Review 01 :: Spotlight On Chris Tankersley’s Stay @ #lsp14 – We Need To Talk To Each Other To Learn & Grow
  18. PHP Interview With Josh Lockhart The Guy Behind ‘PHP The Right Way’ – Find Good Online Resources And Communities & Use Them To Your Advantage
  19. The PHP Community Is Much More Than PHP Codes or Frameworks. It’s About Good Involvement, Humility, Empathy, Relationship & Giving Back – Jacques Woodcock Shares His Wisdom!
  20. A Talk With PHP Recruiter Lonnie Brown – Forget About Money & Take Care Of Your Candidates
  21. Michelangelo van Dam Shares His Insights On Unconference
  22. Speaker & Attendee Feedback Of The Previous Laravel4 Talk Of NomadPHP June 2013
  23. Things You Don’t Know About NomadPHP + The ‘After-First-Talk’ Of NomadPHP – Features 5 interviews with The Organizer, The Speaker & 3 Attendees