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Zend Certifications Tips & Tricks – Hear It From Zend Certified Engineer Eric Hogue

Purpose Of This Interview This is the 3rd set of Zend Certification Tips and Advice to help anyone taking either of the two Zend Exams powered by Zend Technologies: the Zend PHP Certification Exam and/or the Zend Framework Certification Exam. The aim being to help people who want to sit for those exams and inform […]

DooPHP + Alloy Framework + Zend Framework + Object not found! + The requested URL was not found on this server

Assumption: You are using a Linux distro + You are using Xampp as your LAMP stack If you are new to using MVC frameworks, for instance DooPHP, AlloyFramework or ZendFramework, it might be that you have been bumping your head against the wall when you browser outputs the following error message: “Object not found! The […]

How To Code A Singleton Design Pattern In PHP 5+

This Article is a glance at how the singleton design pattern can be implemented in a PHP context. Other aspects of this pattern is also discussed, for e.g pros and cons.

Greylock Partners And Zend Investors Fund Zend Technologies With $9 million

The PHP Company Zend Technologies receives a massive $9 million in venture by Greylock Partners with participation from other Zend investors

Simple Glance At How To Setup Zend_Tool In Your PHP Zend Framework Application

This article is about my remarks and comments on the screencast of Jon Lebensold which talks on How To Setup Zend_Tool In Your PHP Zend Framework Application. I also list the quick steps to allow you to achieve this without viewing the video.