Mac OS X 10.8 + How To Completely Remove / Uninstall PHPStorm – Jetbrains PHP IDE

This is week is a major step in the Jetbrains PHP world, yes PHPstorm 7 is out and full of awesomeness. So before I install phpstorm 7, I want to completely remove the previous phpstorm 6 on my Mac OS X 10.8. Here are the steps I did: Make sure you disable or uninstall any […]

I Love To KISS And You Should Learn The Art To KISS Too!

Ah, KISS.. life is just better with the simple action of a KISS. Do you KISS? I must admit that in the beginning it’s not something straight forward. But once you taste it’s positive aspect, it’s just magical.

You have most probably been close to KISS-ing whenever things appeared stupidly simple to the point that you started to think in a different perspective. “Wow, I should do this more often, it’s amazing how the rest goes on so comfortably well” – that’s the good feeling about KISS.