How & Why Did The PHP Mascot Come To Birth? Creator Of The elePHPant Vincent Pontier Reveals The True Story!

A Small Intro :: PHP & The PHP Community.. If you know how to echo “Hello, PHP’s simplicity is actually awesome; I do not need magical programming skills to use it like this“, you are a PHP beginner.. If you’ve pushed your first commits on github, you are possibly an intermediate PHPer.. If you’ve launched […]

7PHP Has Been Blessed Today By The ‘PHPather Spirituel’ aka Elroubio

A 2nd** Magical PHP Surprise Early today (Monday) morning before starting my working day, I was having a hot cup of tea (Mauritius has one of the finest black tea) while just hovering through my 7PHP email quickly. One email caught my attention, it was from the Creator of The Magical elePHPant, I named Vincent […]