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The In and Outs Of The Famous HTML5 Switch

A platform change decision comes down to how much value you get (or the cost of not changing) vs. the cost of the change. For most people the cost of switching to HTML5 will be trivial, so the long-term benefit of merely being ready to use more features is enough payoff…

How To Code A Singleton Design Pattern In PHP 5+

This Article is a glance at how the singleton design pattern can be implemented in a PHP context. Other aspects of this pattern is also discussed, for e.g pros and cons.

I Love To KISS And You Should Learn The Art To KISS Too!

Ah, KISS.. life is just better with the simple action of a KISS. Do you KISS? I must admit that in the beginning it’s not something straight forward. But once you taste it’s positive aspect, it’s just magical.

You have most probably been close to KISS-ing whenever things appeared stupidly simple to the point that you started to think in a different perspective. “Wow, I should do this more often, it’s amazing how the rest goes on so comfortably well” – that’s the good feeling about KISS.