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Linux Mint + Netbeans + xdebug Issue Not Loaded in php.ini

Assumptions: You are using a linux distro, in my instance I’m using Linux Mint, but this is applicable to any deb-based linux for example Ubuntu or Debian You’ve installed your LAMP stack ‘raw-ly‘ This issue reported here is NOT applicable to a XAMPP installation, since in xampp the ‘normal’ way of configuring xdebug works fine […]

Linux + How To Install And Configure Suhosin As A Xampp Extension

Assumptions: => You are running a Linux-based system – this guide is mostly targeted at debian based systems like ubuntu, linux mint or debian itself..etc => You have installed Xampp at the following path: /opt/lampp/ (if you have it somewhere else, use your path) => You are familiar with the bash terminal or a linux […]

Linux Mint + How To Install Netbeans IDE From Source Without Using ‘apt-get’ Or Synaptic Package Manager

This is a simple step by step guide to how to install netbeans IDE from source on Linux Mint 10 Julia. It is assumed that we will not be using ‘apt-get’ or the Synaptic Package Manager.