What Secret Tools Does The Grumpy Programmer ‘Chris Hartjes’ Harness, To Be So grumpy?! It’s The Tools Talking! Aye!

A Small Intro.. “It’s The Tools Talking!“ Aye! We are back after the first awesome one back on the 1st Jan 2016 to kick-off the New Year with Michelangelo van Dam in a rocking way! In this #2nd edition, I’m overwhelmed but also quite ‘on my guard‘ as I talk with The Grumpy PHP Programmer  aka Chris Hartjes – […]

Let’s #phpGreen – With 7PHP At National Park Mauritius

What Is This All About.. This early morning, while going for a walk at National Park (Mauritius) to relax and regenerating myself, I constantly have a thinking mind. And this time, I was “with” nature and also thinking about php/#PHPc (as always) – and thus came the idea for #phpGreen. To know more, watch the small […]

Happy New Year 2016 Message From Phil Sturgeon To The PHP Community

A Small Intro.. A little more than over 2 years ago (in June 2013), I did my 34th 7PHP interview with a young dynamic (can very much say as explosive as a dynamite as well – explosive in the good sense) named as Phil Sturgeon. I still remember at that time while I hit the “publish” […]

It’s The Tools Talking! What Does Superstar DragonBE Use!

A Small Intro.. Hey! First of all I would like to wish you all an amazing 2016 full of every good thing coming your way! And thank you so much for being and sticking with 7PHP, I’m really thankful to all of you. Kickstarting this very first day of  this fresh New Year 2016, 7PHP […]

Wrongly Positioning a ‘Return’ Statement Inside An Inner ‘Finally’ Block Can Be Lethal

This is a quick post on a “simple” thing which took me like like 40mins (too long) to figure out why. All the issue was revolving between how I was using Try-Catch with Finally and a return statement. Let’s consider this block of code: NOTE: The code indentation is not rendering great below, so I have […]

The #ZendCon Interview | The Unique 2015 Edition of ZendCon

ZendCon is said to be The Global PHP Conference and every year is an amazement in itself. But this year, 2015, will be one of those “once in a blue moon” type of event with the arrival of PHP 7. So Zend Inc., The PHP Company, promises to deliver one of the most unique and […]

#DC4D Brings You Debugging Beyond The var_dump() Approach

‘A Lil bit’ About #DC4D, And May Be ‘A Lil bit’ more.. Oh wait, what’s #DC4D you ask? Let me tell you that you are doing it wrong if you don’t know about it! Aye elePHPant!! Day Camp 4 Developers is a virtual ‘mini’ PHP conference. Meaning you can watch in realtime 5 awesome speakers, […]

Pacific Northwest PHP Conference | Sneak Glance At The Pre-Event!

Purpose Of This ‘PHP Conference Interview’ Concept This is the #4th set of Know Thy PHP Conference in an attempt to create more awareness of: what is $this PHP Conference about + get to know the people behind it what is a PHP Conference in general what is involved in organizing a PHP Conference what is a PHP UnConference (I will try […]

[2] #20YearsOfPHP – Let’s Hear It From Ben Ramsey

What Is This About? This is the 2nd serie of our #20YearsOfPHP ! YES $this->year[‘2015’] needs to be over-brimmed with lots and lots of love and happiness to celebrate this amazing unique moment. All that PHP has achieved today, is the hard work of myriads of PHP rockstar from all over the world. It’s also because of a super-fantastic […]

#20YearsOfPHP – Let’s Hear It From Cal Evans

What Is This About? As most of you know, PHP celebrated it’s 20th birthday on the 8th June 2015. Chris Cornutt is already doing an awesome task of maintaining a list of all the PHP stories of people who are part and parcel of PHPc – see the whole list here (click)! Here over 7PHP, […]