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7PHP Has Been Blessed Today By The ‘PHPather Spirituel’ aka Elroubio

A 2nd** Magical PHP Surprise Early today (Monday) morning before starting my working day, I was having a hot cup of tea (Mauritius has one of the finest black tea) while just hovering through my 7PHP email quickly. One email caught my attention, it was from the Creator of The Magical elePHPant, I named Vincent […]

Look The Green Zend elePHPant Is In Mauritius With 7PHP

My Heart Started Beating.. That day (some weeks back in November**) I was busy with my new PHP mission – a Prestashop-based project for a client ( – yep I’m the (new) sole PHP guy behind Neopost France & Neopost Benelux since the last 6months. I was very motivated and was peacefully focusing on my […]

Icon Of The PHP Community Turns 50 – Happy Birthday Cal Evans!

Icon Of The PHP Community Completes Half A Century! “The PHP community may very well be the greatest feature of the language. So many great people that are all willing to sit down and share what they know” – Cal once revealed on 7PHP. So if The Community is the greatest feature of the PHP language, Cal […]

Slim PHP Micro Framework Through The Lens Of Jeremy Kendall

A Small Intro.. Have you ever tried to use Slim PHP micro framework? Or you are in a confusion whether to choose it or not? Well, today I bring you a small chat with Jeremy Kendall [@jeremykendall] who’s been using Slim PHP for quite some time now and he is even using it on his side […]

[NomadPHP European Time – 19 December 2013 Tickets] – Win Free Tickets To Hear Matt Frost Talk About “Mocking Dependencies in PHPUnit”

How To Win The Free Ticket Two possible ways to participate: Just make a comment below, that’s it! Also do provide your active email so that I can contact you easily and quickly! If  you are on my email list, you will receive an email soon to which you just have to blank reply for your participation So, […]